5 Fashion Micro Influencers Blowing Up Instagram right now

Whether you’re looking for fashion micro influencers who already speak directly to your demographics, or simply want to give your label a little more exposure, hooking up with an Instagram micro influencer could mean big benefits for your brand. Fantastic for giving products and companies an instant “human face” and brilliant for brands who want to get their content seen (and noticed) by a wider (often highly targeted) audience, micro influencer marketing campaigns might sound small, but they can be truly mighty. We’ve already taken a deep dive into what makes microinfluencer campaigns so powerful in a recent blog. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the strategy in action, starting with those all-important individuals – the fashion micro influencers themselves.

Does size matter?

Before we get the introductions underway, let’s answer that awkward question – does size matter when it comes to micro influencers ? At what point does a microinfluencer become so widely followed they’re – well – simply an influencer? And if an Instagram influencer has a relatively small following, but one which is incredibly loyal and highly specialised, are they in fact a more powerful than a fashionista with 200,000 followers? The truth is “it’s personal”. For some brands, a huge following which means lots of eyes on their product is everything. In these cases the “micro” part of the equation probably only relates to the Instagrammer’s non-celebrity status and their price-tag. For other brands, cultivating a meaningful, storytelling relationship with many small influencers which builds brand loyalty is the core goal. With this in mind, we’ve collected a range of fashion microinfluencers, with followings of different sizes, each with something unique to offer brands…

Meet Top 5 Fashion Micro Influencers on Instagram

So without further ado, let’s meet the fashionistas! Although micro fashion influencers can pop up on any social media platform, in the world of fashion marketing, Instagram is an obvious hotspot thanks to its visual nature…

1. @thelipstickfever

Name: Em
Number of Followers: 50.6k
Brand connections:Lulus, Eve Sleep, LIKEtoKNOW.it, Ellie Mae Studios, Sigma Beauty & many more
Website: The Lipstick Fever
About: Em launcher her blog, A Lipstick Fever, back in 2015. Over the past three years her web presence has grown considerably, with her Instagram feed particularly pulling in followers. Now based in London, Em has been living between New York and the UK capital, documenting her stylish life in beautifully shot street photography along the way – and attracting plenty of interest from brands seeking to sponsor her.
Em says:I’m so excited to now bring you content from London and throughout my travels all over Europe. With a focus on fashion trends and bold beauty, The Lipstick Fever empowers women to take style and beauty risks with confidence.“

2. @aida.vianna

Name: Aida Vianna
Number of Followers: 21.8k
Brand connections: MeUndies, Old Navy, CaseApp & more
Website: N/A
About: Originating from Khazakstan, Aida Vianna is a medical interpreter currently living (and loving) San Francisco. With no professional creative outlet, Aida launched her style blog and Instagram feed to share her fashion interests. The result was an incredibly personal feeling digital presence which ticks many of the boxes brands seeking fashion micro influencers might have. Aida almost feels like someone you know, but with a look you want for yourself!
Aida says:I hope this is a place you come for inspiration and support. Think of me as your online gal-pal who loves to shop and take million OOTD, SOTD, MOTD selfies and a strong cup of coffee to refuel all of those passions! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you stay a while.“

3. @cholpak

Name: Nicholas Pakradooni
Number of Followers: 21.6k
Brand connections: H&M Man, Topman, Garrett Leight & more
Website: N/A
About: One for the boys and a great example of a micro fashion influencer who retains their personality, promotes brands but keeps their authentic-feeling presence free from distracting, heavily-promotional material. Song of Style editorial director Nicholas uses tags to keep his posts plain, personal and true to his minimalist bluster-free aesthetic.
Nicholas says:My audience also inspires me to put out the best content that I can. While there’s no such thing as bad art, there is such a thing as a bad photograph and I don’t want to put my name on anything that I’m not proud of. Those people hit the follow button for a reason and I want to live up to their expectations.“

4. @thecurbyrebel

Name: Jenna Rusnak
Number of Followers: 82.8k
Brand connections: Willwork, Forever21, Fashion Nova, rue21 & more
Website: N/A
About: Amazing individuals who fall outside of outmoded, exclusionary fashion and beauty “boundaries” have found homes and huge followings on Instagram, proving that there is an audience and a market for much more diversity in the industry. Curvy Rebel and plus size model Jenna is one such figure, whose celebration of her own gorgeousness has prompted thousands of followers to embrace their personal uniqueness (and take a peek at the clothes this influencer looks so good in)!
Jenna says:After multiple failed attempts in finding work throughout the modelling industry, I quickly found out that there was not room for a 5’11” tattooed and edgy model. It was then I decided to create my own market. The Curvy Rebel represents authenticity and the importance of being true to yourself despite the standard here in society today. She’s an avid member in the body positivity community/movement, and also represents the edgier more daring side to fashion that is often missed when representing plus size women today.“

5. @natashandlovu

Name: Natasha Ndlovu
Number of Followers: 91.3k
Brand connections: Misha Collection, ASOS, Acler & more
Website: Bisous Natasha
About: The line between models and social media influencers is becoming blurrier by the minute. Model Natasha Ndlovu curates a strong, stylish Instagram presence and makes the most of plenty of sales opportunities – particularly via her “Shop my Instagram” store, on her website.
Jenna says:When I first moved to London I had a lot of time on my hands and so I saw in magazines, online – this whole blog phenomenon. And I thought it was very interesting; people blogging about fashion, food, their travels, so I thought: let me try and do something similar. “Want to make the most of microinfluencers? Give your microinfluencer campaign the maximum possible exposure with our dynamic social media aggregation, curation and display tools. Showcase your microinfluencer content everywhere, from your product pages to your marketing emails, with Miappi. To find out how it works REQUEST A DEMO today.