Building an audience online is about blending owned, earned and paid content

We are truly in a post-social media hype era. Only this month Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP and an industry bell-weather of the digital and creative industries made, what at first glance, was a startling claim.

“Brands are starting to question if they have over-invested in certain digital channels.”According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 UK Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, only 1/3 of UK content marketers reported that their content marketing is effective.

As a digital provider in the social media space, it may appear as a strange statement to draw attention to but dig a little deeper, and the reality is much more evident, especially for Miappi customers.In 2010 it was all about the hype, buzz gaining likes, followers being active and frantically building content and a strategy to prove your social credentials as a brand or business.

Fast forward to today and the situation has matured. It’s no longer about the vanity of reach or millions of followers; it’s not about pumping out huge volumes of content and being active on every channel. The social noise today means messages and investment in content is often lost.Mark Schaefer, author of “The Content Code”– declared we had entered an era of “Content Shock.”

As Mark described; “content creation was far outpacing content demand. As more brands create content, it’s become harder to capture an audiences’ attention through that content.”

Combine this with the growing power and influence of the newsfeed algorithm; it’s no wonder Martin and Co. are questioning the value returned to a brand of investment in some channels.Research in ADWeek reported that 97% of social and digital content is never seen, specifically Facebook, where net page posts had a 2.6% organic reach.

At Miappi we have long been proponents of a balanced approach. What Miappi allows brands to build (in less than five minutes, sorry about the plug) is an owned destination able to blend owned, earned and paid contents.Let’s define these in some further detail:

Owned media – content from your blog, from your branded Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other channels.

Earned media – content from publicly gained through promotional activity such as press or media, other blogs, social influencers (non-paid)

Paid media – advertising content and paid for sales messagesBy blending all three in one channel, on a brand website, or on a digital display at an event or in retail environments builds a deeper authenticity and avoids the content being axed by an algorithm.

To find out how you can blend owned, earned and paid to lead in the post-social media hype era by REQUESTING A DEMO now to see our platform’s full capabilities.