10 Best Content Discovery Sites and Platforms

Content discovery sites are a great way to find new content to share with your social media following and to tap into the phenomenon of social proof. Social proof, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is the idea that people trust what other people say more than they trust what companies say about themselves. So for example, if someone reviews your product/service and says it’s the best on the market, people will trust that more than if you write it yourself on your website.


Social proof works. That’s why over 70% of US consumers look at reviews before buying, and it’s also why Netflix users are more likely to watch a show if it’s one that people with similar tastes enjoyed. But for social proof to work correctly, you need to discover the relevant content in the first place. And that’s where this article comes in.

What is content discovery?

If you’ve got this far then the chances are that you already have a rough idea what content discovery is. Still, just in case you missed the memo:


Content discovery is the process of finding content on blog sites, social networking sites, news outlets and more. The aim is to feed the ever-hungry machine that is your blog site and social networking presence.

It almost doesn’t matter whether you’re simply sharing the link to someone else’s website or whether you’re posting summaries and links to the content from your blog. Ultimately, you’re simply acting as a bridge between your social following and the content that’s going to help them out in some way, whether you’re entertaining them or teaching them something.

But how exactly do you find that content in the first place? Well, with a content discovery platform, of course! Here are just ten of the best.

The 10 Best Content Discovery Sites

1. Google Alerts

Google alerts - Free Content Discovery Tool
Google Alerts are easy to set up and easy to customise and therefore super powerful, especially because of what they actually do. Basically, they’ll drop you an email any time Google indexes a new web page that features the keyword that you entered, whether that’s a name, a keyword or a URL. The downside is that if you’re using a broad search term, you can find that your inbox is filling up with irrelevant results and that it’s not actually useful at all.

2. Miappi

The Miappi UGC platform is arguably one of the best content discovery tools when it comes to actually displaying the content that it helps you to find. Most of the tools on this list are only designed to help you to find content, but Miappi is all about discovering UGC on social networks and embedding it wherever it’s going to have the greatest effect. The voice of real customers producing real and authentic stories is what powers Miappi. The discovery, curation and distribution of UGC is happening within a state-of-art dashboard. Then the collected content is displayed on the digital touchpoint that is going to help the business either convert more sales or increase engagement.

3. Samplify.io

Billed as a sort of “virtual virtual assistant,” Samplify is an automated tool that will search out content based on the topics that you’re interested in and then send you automated alerts on Slack. This comes in super useful if your content team is using Slack to plan and coordinate campaigns, but it’s far from the most established tool on the market.

4. Trapit

Trapit is technically a social selling platform that’s designed to empower employees to sell your brand on your behalf. That said, it also has a social discovery platform that’s worth giving a go if you’re already using it. Otherwise, you’re better off going with a free tool instead.

5. DrumUp

You can get started on DrumUp for free, and while it’s not necessarily as big as some other content discovery tools, it’s still pretty good. They offer a specialised workflow tool that they claim will reduce social media management time by 90%, and they also have a handy Google Chrome extension that can further streamline the process.

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is essentially a discovery search engine that ranks its results by the number of shares they’ve received on social networks. That means that you can tap right into the zeitgeist by sharing content that’s already being shared. The downside is that you can only run a certain number of searches before you’ll need to switch from a free to a paid account.

7. Leiki

Leiki uses semantic AI and natural language processing to provide their suggestions. That all comes together to provide a range of content data and a choice of smart tools to help you to find the content that’s right for you. And like many of the options on this list, they offer a content tracking tool, too.

8. Feedly

Feedly is essentially a news aggregator that brings in different feeds from across the web to allow you to explore content based on keywords, websites, topics and more. You can also create alerts so that you’re notified when new content is received from one of the feeds. It’s a little clunkier than some other tools but works great if you get your setup just right.

9. Post Planner

Post Planner comes in handy because it uses proprietary algorithms to crunch the big data behind your social networking presence and to provide predictive analytics. In other words, it can give you an idea of whether a potential piece of content is likely to perform well based on historic data – before you even post it.

10. StumbleUpon

Yes, StumbleUpon is still going! In fact, it’s a great way to find content that you might want to use because it gets to know you more and more as you continue to use it. That means that it can take a while to get good, but once it’s good, it’s really good.


If you’re looking to find content for social media then the tools and digital media discovery sites on this list are sure to help. In fact, we’d suggest giving each of these content recommendation tools a try and seeing which ones work best for you. Then you can build your own list and use them to inform your content strategy from there.


Of course, discovering content is one thing and displaying it is quite another. That’s why it’s also a good idea to look into solutions like Miappi which allow you to discover, moderate and display content in the most effective way for you and your brand. After all, if you can discover user-generated content around your brand and display it in the right place, it can lead to 90% higher conversion rates. You’d be crazy not to!