What is content remarketing and distribution?

In a noisy digital world only 3% of organic messaging is seen by social media users. Hence, remarketing and redistributing valuable content is essential.


Think of it this way; you’ve written a world-changing novel. You know it’s fantastic. You know it will sell like hot-cakes, but the first time you post it to a publisher, it languishes in the in-tray. The audience won’t read it and you never hear anything back. Do you stop there?

If your answer is “No I don’t”, then keep reading!You keep on putting your amazing, powerful writing out there. You work on visual content marketing and don’t just send it to one publisher, you send it to lots of different publishers. Moreover, you already know what is omni-channel content marketing and you make the most of it. And, if that doesn’t work, you go a step further, sending it in a basket of cookies. You buy a billboard outside Penguin & post up a snippet. Eventually, people will notice your work, and its true potential will unfold.We might have stretched the metaphor to breaking point, but this is a good analogy for how brands need to look at their most valuable content in today’s digital marketing sphere. Your content might organically reach just 3% of your social media following. But this doesn’t undermine its intrinsic value.

If you have a piece of content that you know will inspire click-throughs and boost brand loyalty, you shouldn’t give up on it. Chances are that it will also increase conversions and nurture brand advocates. Instead, you should work harder (or just smarter!) to help it reach an even wider audience. That’s where content marketing, more accurately, content remarketing, comes in…

What is content remarketing?

Content remarketing refers to the practice of placing content right under the cursors of users who recently visited your website. Those users have not performed the action you hoped they would (i.e. made a purchase, converted to a trial, etc). The goal is to lure users back to your website. You can achieve this by displaying a range of items they previously viewed to remind them to return. You can even display content carefully targeted to dovetail with their interests.In this case, however, we’re using the term “content remarketing” to refer to the repurposing of powerful content. Content which previously lacked the platform it needed to shine. There are many ways to remarket and ‘re-share’ content in order to squeeze the maximum benefit from it. An example is sharing positive tweets from customers on your homepage. You can even add customers’ Instagram snaps of your items on product pages. 

What is content distribution?

Content distribution, meanwhile, refers to the actual mechanisms used to remarket content. While it’s possible to distribute repurposed content manually, there are now lots of helpful automated options. Some of them harness of-the-moment technology like AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.These technologies make remarketing and distributing much simpler, swifter and smarter. Content distribution tools can now look after every part of this often time-consuming, resource-heavy process. Examples include harvesting valuable content, pinpointing pieces with the greatest potential and requesting permission to republish from the original creator. Redistribution of digital content is particularly important if you’re remarketing with UGC (User Generated Content). UGC is the undisputed King of digital marketing when it comes to conversions, engagement and brand trust.

What content should I remarket and where?

Here at Miappi we’re all about harnessing UGC. A ReTweet of a positive post from a customer may be potentially very powerful. But if it only reaches 3% of your audience, it may as well not exist. Redistribute this positive message slap bang on your homepage. Put it right next to your “buy now” button, in marketing emails or even on in-store screens. That valuable piece of content can truly fulfill its potential.

Many customers are eschewing brand-owned content for trusted, organic UGC from their peers. It’s this social proof which needs to be brought to light and utilised. Fantastic for building trust and triggering conversions, UGC is a potential goldmine waiting to be harnessed.

Benefits of using earned content in content remarketing

Capitalising on this (often untapped) resource could mean:


  • Including UGC that is updated in almost real-time in your marketing emails to help build trust, since it can drive a 73% increase in CTRs.
  • Placing user-generated Instagram images of products on product pages themselves and seeing a 74% increase in product conversion.
  • Featuring repurposed customer reviews from sites like TrustPilot on in store displays.
  • Showcasing UGC relating to an event on live display screens.
  • Including earned content in paid advertising (i.e. Google, Facebook, Instagram) which increases click-through rates by 4 times!
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