10 Perfect Hashtags Examples That Made Successful Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags have come a long way since their introduction in the 1960s. The once little-used touch-telephone symbol has become an extremely useful marketing tool. This is thanks of course to our friends at Twitter. Successful hashtag campaigns can help your digital marketing efforts and strengthen your brand recognition. Here we present the best hashtag examples you can learn from. These brand hashtags samples will show you how to make the most of trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

Brand Hashtags can lead to success

In the world of social media marketing, a hashtag campaign can do a lot for your brand and your business. A good branded hashtag is great for better brand awareness and brand recognition. But it is also a possibility for user generated content. Majority of brands are looking for trending hashtag. However, a trending hashtag doesn’t guarantee success.


How to make a successful hashtag campaign?

In order for a hashtag campaign to be successful it has to reach the right audience. Not only that but it has to reach it at the right time and with the right message. The actual hashtag has to also provoke the right feelings and brand resonance. It has to be new, easy to remember and to be associated only with the specific brand.

10 Perfect examples of hashtag in marketing campaigns

Have you been ever wondering what hashtag to use? What is the best hashtag for Instagram? Where to find best example of a Twitter hashtag? Here are ten prime hashtag examples of successful campaigns.  They have taken full advantage of the most famous octothorpe of all.

Make sure you will also check the biggest #hashtag fails to avoid any pitfalls in your marketing campaign.

1. Esurance – #EsuranceSave30

Esurance took the bold step of purchasing the first ad slot after the 2015 Super Bowl. They then deployed their hashtag campaign to promote a sweepstake which contestants could enter by tweeting #EsuranceSave30. This is a sample of a hashtag that drove to a great success. The results were astounding with 5.4 million occurrences of the hashtag as well as 2.6 billion impressions on Twitter.


2. Expedia – #ThrowMeBack

This is a great example of hashtag that shows how a brand can take advantage of existing trends. In addition to this then leverage them to create its own! Playing on the popular #tbt hashtag, Expedia asked Tweeters to tag nostalgic posts with #ThrowMeBack. As a result they were given the chance of visiting the destinations in their tweets. The outcome? 300,000 engagements and 96% Instagram growth in just 10 weeks.

#ThrowMeBack - a great example of a hashtag that made huge success

3. Coca-Cola – #Shareacoke

Coca-Cola has also clambered onto the Twitter bandwagon, most notably with the hashtag, #shareacoke. Rolled out in 2014, Coca Cola encouraged consumers to share their own stories and photos. What was in it for them? The chance to be featured on interactive billboards across the US. This is a grate example of a hashtag campaign that became a hit. Tweets are numbering in the hundreds of thousands.


4. Volkswagen – #foxatplanetaterra

To promote their sponsorship of Brazil’s Planeta Terra Festival, Volkswagen hid tickets throughout Sao Paulo. It then shared the location via a map. However, the map only zoomed in to reveal the locations based on how many shares #foxatplanetaterra received. The campaign proved hugely successful and became a trending topic in Brazil within two hours.


5. Calvin Klein – #MyCalvins

The esteemed purveyors of underpants enjoyed great success with their #MyCalvins campaign. The hashtag for Instagram called on users to post images of themselves in Calvin Klein undergarments. However there was actually no offering in return! It’s pretty clear the type of social media user that was targeted here. Consequently Calvin Klein acquired 1.8 million followers.

#MyCalvins - successful hashtag example for Instagram

6. Domino’s Pizza – #letsdolunch

#letsdolunch is a great example of hashtag related to one of the most famous Domino’s Pizza social media campaigns.

Domino’s clever 2012 campaign targeted its existing follower base with the offer of cheaper pizza. The one-day promotion ran from 9am to 11am. It cut the price of pizza by a penny every time somebody tweeted #letsdolunch. After 85,000 tweets, the price fell from £15.99 to £7.74 where it stayed until 3pm.


7. Ben and Jerry’s – #FairTweets

To promote World Fair Trade Day, Ben and Jerry’s came up with a simple but ingenious campaign. The company created a microsite for Twitter users to post tweets. Then made up the shortfall for any tweets shy of 140 characters by including the hashtag #FairTrade. Result: 40 million impressions.

Hashtag samples from ben and jerry's fair tweet generator

8. Charmin – #TweetFromtheSeat

In 2013, Charmin used hashtags to turn an unglamorous consumable such as toilet paper into a funny and appealing product. Target was the potty humour of 18-24 year olds. Charmin encouraged them to tweet their lavatorial meditations using the tag #TweetFromtheSeat. To date it’s proved rather effective for the company which now boasts around 70,000 followers.

Example of Funny hashtag on Twitter

9. Audi – #WantAnR8

Audi’s #WantAnR8 campaign goes down as one of the most successful twitter campaigns ever. It all started with a persistent fan who kept asking the company to lend her keys to an R8. Audi launched a fully fledged campaign offering five people the chance to drive their dream car for a weekend. 100 million impressions later…..


10. Make-a-Wish Foundation – #SFBatKid

In 2013, the Make a Wish Foundation harnessed the power of Twitter hashtags. It all happened to help grant 5 year old cancer sufferer Miles Scott the chance to be Batkid for a day. The campaign went viral with a capital V. It generated 1.7 billion impressions with tweets numbering of 500,000 from 117 countries.

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