How to Create a Successful Hashtag Campaign on Twitter?

It’s not easy for brands to start a Twitter hashtag campaign which really kicks off (unless they offer incentives). Often savvy and cynical about social media marketing, many Twitter users are predisposed to ignore overly promotional hashtags and business’s pleas for social interaction. Yet generating interest and interaction is what social media is all about. Creating a hashtag which takes off can really pay off for businesses keen to boost consumer engagement and brand awareness.


What are hashtag campaigns?

In the world of social media marketing, a hashtag campaign has gained immense popularity as one of the best ways for product launches or even raising awareness on a topic. Brands that crave for the attention of their audience introduce a marketing campaign based on a ‘theme’ or a message and that ultimately becomes the hashtag. ‘Going viral’ though is a must so in simple marketing terms a trending example of hashtag is what the majority of brands are looking for. However, a trending hashtag doesn’t guarantee success.

5 Elements of a Successful Twitter Hashtag Campaign

Time and time again, hashtag campaigns on Twitter fall flat. So how can you ensure that your brand’s campaign is a #success and not a #fail? We’ve compiled some helpful pointers and best practice guidelines which will help you get your off the ground. Follow these rules and fire of a successful campaign.

  1. Hashtag Length – Size matters

The length of a hashtag can make a difference to its success. Users are much less likely to remember and retype a lengthy hashtag, but short hashtags can be equally unmemorable or even confusing (if you’ve tried to cram too much in there with acronyms etc.). Find the sweet spot between the two.

  1. Hashtag Ideas – Be obvious

It can be tempting to be too clever with hashtags, but the best tags which people latch onto are crystal clear. From hashtags for events, to hashtags for competitions, make sure the purpose and meaning of your hashtag is obvious to avoid confusion. As you’ll be running lots of words together, also make sure the words themselves are clear and don’t spell other words when stuck together. Capitalising each word is a good way to avoid this problem.

  1. Trending Hashtags – Do your research

Before you start crafting your perfect Twitter hashtag – do your research. Find out what your target audience and followers are already tweeting about. Also find which hashtags they’re using to do it. Take a look at which of your previous tweets gained the most traction. Use all of this information to inform your social media campaign.

  1. Set a low barrier to entry

If you’re running your Twitter hashtag campaign in order to generate a specific action rather than to build buzz and interaction, it’s important to set a low barrier to entry. When running competitions don’t ask users to complete a handful of tasks – make it simple for them to participate. Don’t ask them to submit forms or complete more than three actions to join in. Always ensure your instructions are both simple and clear.

  1. Measure everything in your hashtag campaign

Careful measurement of metrics won’t improve your current Twitter hashtag campaign. It will, however, help you make each new campaign better and better. Take the time to record key data, from likes, retweets and hashtag use, to click through rates, now to run even better digital marketing campaigns in the future.Want to squeeze even more out of social media marketing? REQUEST A DEMO and see how our platform could help you push your business’s social boundaries.