5 of the Best Productivity Apps for 2016

Do you ever wish that there were more hours in a day? Technology can’t yet freeze and rewind time, but there are plenty of new applications which claim to be able to help you squeeze more out of the time that you have got.

But with so many productivity apps now on the market, how can busy people (such as yourself) find the time to research and choose between them? To help you hang onto those precious minutes and seconds, we’ve rounded up our pick of the litter for 2016, curating the productivity apps which boast the best features and the highest ratings. Here’s what to download today…

This is a deceptively simple application which you can use via web, iPhone and (soon) via Mac. In the world of productivity apps there are typically to do list focussed apps and calendar focussed apps, Plan works to bring these two styles together, allowing you to run a to do list and a calendar side by side, then build a schedule for everything in one neat place. You can even use the stats and insights the app collects to monitor and learn more about your productivity, helping you get even more out of your day,


With the tempting tag line “Be Less Busy” Slack falls somewhere between a productivity app, an instant messenger and a project management system, and it’s fast becoming an essential application in workplaces worldwide. Use it for virtually everything, from scheduling meetings, planning deliverables, creating to do lists, collaborating on projects, storing files in convenient locations, streamlining communications and so, so much more. It’s incredibly flexible too, which means you can use the tool your way to maximise productivity like you wouldn’t believe!


Our email inboxes are one of the biggest drains on our time. Sortd (for Gmail) is here to remedy that and make you more productive in the process. This tool works by bringing together your emails, tasks and priorities, collecting and presenting them in one convenient place where you can work in an organised way without distraction from the emails you don’t want.


If standard issue to do list apps aren’t quite right for you, Pomotodo offers “to dos” with a difference. This app uses the Pomodoro technique (which breaks your productive time down into 25 minute segments to increase your overall productivity) as a basis, helping you to not only organise and complete all of your tasks – but to do it faster too!


Another relatively new app on the productivity scene, Doo sets itself apart by being really beautiful to use. With gorgeous graphics and ridiculously satisfying gesture based controls its especially lovely to use on smartphones. Use it to create new cards for all of your tasks, then swipe them away as you breeze through your day.

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