Building Buzz: 4 Social Media & Events Tips To Try Today

“Build it and they will come” is all very well in principle, but in today’s world of forgotten Facebook event invitations and schedules more frantic than the Icelandic football commentator’s reaction to their England win, it’s never easy to nail attendees down. Social media can be misleading when it comes to predicting attendance, but it can also be a powerful tool for promoting events, building buzz, increasing interaction on the day and generating ROI after the event.These quickfire tips will help you harness social media to make your next event the best attended, most interactive and most KPI-hitting – possibly ever…

Before the event

  • Ask for performers or speakers
    This is a great little tip for building buzz and boosting awareness in the run up to your event. With 4000 submissions to speak at SXSW, running a competition or driving to find great speakers or performers is a brilliant way to involve a chunk of your industry socially as substantially as possible. Throwing it open to a vote (although this can be a risk if you want to ensure quality) is an even more effective way to spread the word, as prospective speakers rally their friends and followers to boost their chances.
During the event

  • Get attendees involved with polls
    An event #hashtag is a handy way to encourage people to share their experiences of your event, which also helps you to organically spread the word socially, plus connect with (and leverage) guests at a later date. However, not every attendee will jump on board with a hashtag.
One clever way to maximise involvement both at the event and on social media is to run a poll. This level of audience involvement will make your guests want to have their say, and give them the outlet to do so via social media. You can easily create your own Tweet poll via Twitter, or use a tool like Twtpoll (which also allows you to run polls via Facebook and other platforms).
  • Use digital screens to display social media
    If there’s one thing social media users love, it’s having their voice heard. Setting up digital screens which display a well-designed wall of social content stemming from the event will do much to encourage visitors to contribute their two cents. Social wall technology like ours here at Miappi can be used to display user generated social content in real time as participants use your hashtag, or with more careful curation to ensure quality.
After the event

  • Aggregate your event’s content online
    After your event, you’ll want to convince those that didn’t attend to come next time, persuade those who did come to return, keep your brand fresh in their minds and make sure everyone remembers just how great you are.
One effective way to do this is to curate all of the content used at your event (from slidedecks and infographics, to YouTube videos and tutorials), feed it out via your social channels and build a hub for it on your brand website. If you believe that using gated content will gain you more traction, you could even ask visitors to share their email before downloading your resources to help you build your brand’s little black book. Miappi’s beautifully designed social walls can even be used to display attendee feedback alongside gated event content on your website, perfect for boosting conversion rates with trust-boosting user generated content. To learn more about using our smart and flexible social walls on your website or on digital screens at your next event, why not explore the tool yourself? REQUEST A DEMO NOW.