How to Get Your OutreachEmail Opened

You’ve done so much hard work already to grow your email marketing list. You’d nurtured your customer base, you’ve tempted sign ups with amazing gated content, you’ve given consumers discount codes in return for email addresses – but if a tree falls in the forest with no-one to hear it, does it make a sound?

Put in less mystical terms: if you’ve invested in growing your email list, but no recipients click on your email, have you thrown a lot of time and money down the drain? And how can you make sure this isn’t the case?

With so much clutter and spam now taking up the average inbox, it’s more difficult that ever to stand out from the crowd and ensure your email outreach is received loud and clear. So how can you ensure your recipients won’t just delete your missive sight unseen? How can you give your email, in the tiny space of a subject bar, the best possible chance of getting read?

We’ve compiled some helpful tips…

Don’t look spammy

Your contacts are wise to spam. To save ourselves time, many of us have learned to recognise a spam email at 20 paces and to banish it to the rubbish bin accordingly. To avoid this instantaneous cull, you need to ensure your email doesn’t bear any of the identifying hallmarks of spam. That means:

  • No exclamation marks
  • No “FREE” anything
  • No discounts or “50% offs”
  • No capitalisation
  • No lengthy subject lines
  • No “too good to be true” statements

Create intrigue
This is a fine art but, done well, it can seriously pay off for email campaigns. The man to study when it comes to making recipients want to read more in a few words is iconic advertising genius David Ogilvy, the man behind the unforgettable: “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the New Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”.

By really investing time in this concise but compelling statement, Ogilvy put a completely novel spin on advertising which seriously turned heads. This is the effect your subject line needs to have. Think about what your content has to offer, then pitch it in a way which really stands out from the standard fare, putting the value for the reader at the forefront, or piquing their interest with a little bit of mystery…

Include essential ingredients

While your subject line needs to be short (lines with 41 characters or less are much more likely to be opened), it should also include as many “best practice” ingredients as possible including:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The email’s benefit to the recipient
  • A question
  • A sense of urgency (make your subject time sensitive i.e. “only 125 copies available”)
  • Relevance to your email (to boost click through rates)

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