Email Marketing and User Generated Content – Effective Email Marketing Example

Combining email marketing with user genertated content is a perfect example of  new approach to email marketing content strategy. That’s why we introduce Miappi Inserts. A brand new tool which allows you to embed UGC (User Generated Content) directly in marketing emails to radically boost click throughs and conversions. In this blog we explain what our new tool could do for you and how it works…

How to use email marketing effectively?

How often do you follow a link or take up an offer made in a marketing email? Getting email marketing effective is a very tricky job in today’s hectic inboxes, which is why it’s so important to maximise impact by taking advantage of every tool and asset at your disposal.

One amazing email marketing content strategy you may not realise you have in your arsenal is already right beneath your cursor. The user generated content (UGC) which surrounds your brand online is hugely powerful when harnessed digitally. From Instagram posts showcasing your products, to TrustPilot reviews and positive interactions on Twitter, UGC is one of the most powerful marketing assets available today – and it can make a huge difference when incorporated into your email marketing campaigns.UGC is Uh-mazing

The reason that UGC is such a powerful resource is because it’s highly trusted by other users. While consumers are increasingly cynical about the things brands have to say about themselves (especially online), they care very much about what their peers have to say. This makes real life content published by real life consumers (which relates to your brand) absolute marketing gold dust.

Here are a few statistics which show exactly what this gold dust is capable of…

  • UGC posts featuring brands earned almost 700% more engagement than brand generated posts in 2016
  • 86% of millennials believe user-generated content is a good indicator of the quality of a brand or service
  • Websites featuring UGC enjoy a 20% increase in repeat visits and up to 90% increase in the time spent on the site
Cracking inboxes with UGC


But it’s not just social media marketing and websites which stand to benefit from harnessing UGC. Email marketing can also enjoy a significant boost in effectiveness when user generated content is added to the mix. That’s because…

  • UGC drives a 73% increase in email click-through rates.

Not too shabby, eh? By building consumer trust through content created by other consumers, email marketing which features UGC could massively increase the ROI of your campaign – especially if you make use of a tool which makes featuring UGC quick, straightforward and dynamic.Meet: Miappi Inserts

…And that’s precisely where we come in. Our brand new tool, Miappi Inserts, is all about making your UGC work for you, swiftly and simply. Miappi Inserts gives you the power to feature the UGC you want email recipients to see, right in their inboxes.

Any piece of UGC which emerges via your linked sources (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TrustPilot, Tumblr and 15+ other channels) can be featured in marketing emails via Miappi Inserts. The tool can even keep your content fresh by dynamically updating displayed UGC so that recipients always see that latest good stuff, whenever they click on your email.

Our new tool also makes it simple to select and present the best UGC relating to your brand, whether you want to leave it to our smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to pick positive pieces, or prefer a hand-selected approach. Our AI tools include sentiment analysis, ImageScan, text analysis, geo-fencing and a range of other options which allow you to specify, then automatically surface the perfect blend of UGC.

Why try Inserts?


We’ve already outlined why incorporating UGC to email marketing campaigns is so powerful, but why should you give Miappi Inserts a go?

Click through- and conversion-boosting, our dynamic Inserts are incredibly simple to use, moderate and tailor to meet your specifications. Our MO is to make incorporating your best UGC into every corner of your digital world easy, elegant and intelligent – and that’s exactly what Miappi Inserts does.

Create the perfect blend of options to ensure your ultimate UGC appears automatically on consumers’ screens at the ideal moment. Watch click throughs and conversions grow, then measure the effectiveness of combining email and UGC with our helpful in-app analysis tools – ideal for demonstrating ROI.How do Miappi Inserts work?

Ready to play with our fresh tech? Here are the basics to get you started…

  1. Open the Inserts tab on the left hand menu
  2. Name your Insert
  3. Select the feeds (and/or folders) you want to source UGC from
  4. Select a template
  5. Set the update cycle to choose how often you’d like your Inserts to be refreshed with new UGC
  6. Copy the URL provided on the Insert Manage page and paste that into your email campaign template.
Easy peasy! To find out more about our platform and how it can help enhance your business, get in touch with one of our specialists today and REQUEST A DEMO today.