Miappi Monetize: Shoppable content in the blink of an eye

Why have so many companies embraced user generated (earned) content? More specifically, why have they embraced it in place of conventional marketing campaigns featuring brand owned content?  The answer is simple: today’s consumer buys into the views of regular people, not brands. Harness earned media correctly and your customers could be the best marketers you never employed. Turn this media into shoppable content to amplify your customer acquisition and retention strategy. So when you combine great UGC with eCommerce you would expect that union to yield some very exciting results…and that’s exactly what we see with Miappi’s new shoppable content feature.

Did someone say Miappi Monetize?

In-line with the trend for shoppable content on Instagram and Pinterest, Miappi’s new Monetize feature lets you create shoppable social media posts within the Miappi dashboard. Consequently you can publish those to your various marketing channels. With Monetize you can pair your products or services directly with social media content. Miappi Monetize applies to posts from any social media platform. This comes as a contrast with the propretry versions of shoppable content on social media platforms

Brands see that the conversion rate for shoppers who interact with UGC is 90% higher. Retailers see a conversion boost of 106% with UGC. (Source: Bazaarvoice)

Miappi Monetize in a Nutshell

Monetize allows you to upload an unlimited number of product SKUs to the Monetize page of the dashboard. Moreover, you can then associate up to five of those products with a social media post. The selected SKUs appear as a gallery beside the social post. Just by clicking one of the SKUs the users are taken to new web page.  There they can buy the product or service on offer. The results? As you might expect, associating authentic social media with SKUs does indeed drive higher conversion rates. Especially when you compare it to eCommerce pages with no user generated content.

Consumer user generated content on a website can increase conversions by 74%. (Source: 3dcart)

Finding great user generated content to drive conversions is at the heart of what Miappi does. The Monetize feature is the most direct example yet of this…. Pairing high converting social media posts with directly relevant eCommerce pages.

How to use Monetize

Implementing this onto your social wall is very simple. Once on the Monetize page you will be invited to add products by clicking on the ‘+’. Remember you can add as many products as you want here. When adding products to the Monetize page you will need to provide a few much needed details. Add the specific product name, product ID, Image URL (identical to the product details from your eCommerce site). Following, include the call to action (CTA) and a link to the page in your website. This is where your customers can view/purchase the product or service. Click ‘Save’ and you’ve just created your very first product. On the Website version of your Curate page, you will see a ‘handbag’ icon when you hover over any social media post. Unless it’s content from Slack and Trustpilot, all other networks’ content supports the Miappi Monetize feature. Click on that icon and you will see that you can now attach your chosen products to that particular post. Select and add up to 5 products to each post and you are done!

Shoppable Content is King

Using your customers to sell the products for you is not a new tactic. In fact, it has always been there as one of the most traditional and effective sales tactics. Also, as shown by Hubspot associating UGC with eCommerce has a profound impact on the retention of customers as well. Making highly valuable and converting content shoppable is only one of the latest digital marketing trends. Examples of brands utilising it are already out there, so what are you waiting for?