Miappi Update: Get visual with Vimeo!

Get visual with Vimeo. We’ve just added the high quality, HD video platform to our long list of supported networks, so you can share your amazing video content on our stunning social walls.Alongside content from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn, Miappi clients can now add beautiful quality video content published on Vimeo to their social hubs, giving audiences an even richer multimedia social experience.Our social walls display Vimeo content as moving, video thumbnails which play with sound when users rollover with their cursor and expand into a standalone video player with a full screen option, playback tools and adjustable volume when clicked.In an increasingly visual social media world, images and videos play an ever-more important role in capturing audiences’ attention…Miappi social walls already make your social content look fantastic, our latest integration with Vimeo helps brands share their visual content even more readily, allowing you to combine your very best brand-owned video with top quality UGC (User Generated Content) from the platform to make your social presence even more show-stopping, whether it's shared as part of a hub on your website, or on a big screen at live events. Make the valuable visible. REQUEST A DEMO  today to showcase amazing content which presents your brand at its best.