Miappi Call to Action is here!


April sees the launch of Miappi Actions, our cool new Call To Action (CTA) button feature. We already provide our customizable Link Tiles (free-form tiles that can feature any image and link to any URL) for you to apply to your social wall.  Link tiles are a great way to drive traffic but suppose you wanted to associate a call to action with a very specific piece of social media content? Hold the phone, did someone say Miappi Actions? They certainly did.

On the Content page of your Dashboard you can now scroll over any post and you’ll see a new ‘bullhorn’ icon. Click on the icon and it will review the new CTA edit interface. Add your message, add a link, change the colour of the background and text. When you’re done click Save. Your new CTA has now been added to that social media post.

If you want to apply the same CTA to every post you can. Go to the Feeds page and look for the same Bullhorn icon beside each connected account. Add you Call to Action as before and click Save. Your CTA will now appear on every post from that social media account.

Want to try this brand new feature? Simply REQUEST A DEMO to learn more about the new CTA feature.