New Integration: Miappi & Slack Make a Productive Pairing

We’re very excited to announce that Miappi is now fully integrated with Slack , the messaging and productivity tool for professional teams!

While many of our customers want customer-facing content walls to increase engagement and sales, other businesses use our technology to improve their internal communications.

Our new Slack integration allows businesses to display important project updates and key internal announcements to ensure the entire company is always kept in the loop.Introducing: Slack Integration

As a standalone platform Slack makes working collaborations easier and more fluid than ever before. Slack’s Channels keep project updates in one place with a clear timeline of who said what, when – a system that removes the need to root through your email inbox for hours.

Now that you can integrate Slack into Miappi you can display the highlights of those channel based conversations as a content wall on any intranet site, on digital signage around your offices and on screen-savers.

You can use Slack and Miappi to turn members of your team into true brand advocates, to show potential clients exactly what your business is all about and to motivate your staff with congratulations and recognition.How to integrate with Slack

Sounds pretty handy, doesn’t it? If you’re ready to curate and show off amazing content from your business’s Slack Channels, here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Select the “Feeds” tab from the left hand menu
  2. Select the Slack icon (a hashtag) from the “My Feeds” section and click Connect
  3. Follow the steps in the pop up to authenticate and connect your account
  4. Begin curating content fresh from your Slack account
Once you’ve integrated your Miappi social wall with your Slack account, it’s time to start curating it. You can add as many Slack channels as you like to Miappi, from your company’s general channel, to the one you have created just for the marketing department. When all the available content from your Slack channels is hooked up, you can cherrypick all the best bits and pieces by hand under the “Curate” tab, or set up custom rules to ensure that only the content you want to showcase on your social wall is featured automatically. Our helpful “behind the scenes” tools make it easy to create a social wall for highlighting key internal communications. From only showing Slack posts with a certain hashtag, to filtering posts from a certain geographic location, there are tonnes of options which will help you build a wall that works for you.

See how our platform can enhance your internal communications and REQUEST A DEMO.