Should brands and agencies build technology and creative capabilities in-house or buy them?

20 years ago, the marketing landscape was a relatively simple place.  If you were in the B2B space, the focus was about business card swapping, trade-show attending, personal networking, the odd game of golf, a few mail-merges and maybe an advert in a trade magazine.  If you wanted to reach a consumer and you were of a certain size, the only real place to engage was a 30-second slot between Coronation Street or Brookie.Accelerate forward to today and the marketing, communications and advertising landscape, channels, opportunities and ways to engage an audience is fragmented, blurred and complicated.

There is a tug of war going on within agencies and with the brands and clients themselves.  The battle focuses on whether to build modern digital capabilities in-house or buy in the services of an agency team or technology partner.A recent discussion and debate held by The Drum magazine, a publisher focus on the digital marketing sector, brought together some of the industries most recognised brands to understand how they are addressing the challenge.  The conclusion was, in-conclusive.  The reality is that there is no one-size fits all strategy for marketing in 2016/17.Brands and indeed agencies need to build or buy the tools and services most pertinent to their need and which enable them to get closest to their customer.

Miappi’s CMO, Toby Britton, highlights the challenge: “As a marketer, we now have at our disposal a huge array of tools, products and services to help us in the digital age. What’s clear in this age is that a business can pilot and test the services and strategies right for them.  This iterative approach to marketing is a fascinating place and not possible pre-digital.”Research conducted by Miappi reveals the extent to which consumer and customer behaviour is shifting.  When it comes to the web, 69% of consumers wanted to engage with a product or brand via its website and 50% connected with them via Facebook.  This diversity means brands need to work much harder to engage and so using the right tools is vital.Faced with declining organic reach on social channels, brands need to act, as little as 3% of organic brand content ever reaches its recipients.

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