5 of the Best Web Design Bloggers

There are dozens of amazing web design and design-centric blogs out there, from Hongkiat and Design TAXI, to Smashing Magazine and CoDrops offering everything from tips and think-pieces, to tutorials and freebies. Chances are, if you have an interest in website design, these big hitters are already firmly pinned to your bookmarks bar and dip into the regularly for inspiration.But inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s refreshing to have a more personal perspective on a subject. Whether you’re just setting out in web design and looking for inspiring voices, or are a seasoned professional keen to hear directly from others in your industry, our collection of our favourite web design bloggers will give you plenty of awesome reading material to get stuck into…1. Graham Smith of imjustcreative.com

Logo design expert Graham Smith (AKA The Logo Smith) is a fascinating individual voice and creative force in the world of design online. With 25 years in the the business and with 10 years of freelance experience under his belt, this logo genius knows what he’s talking about. His blogs and observations are wonderfully readable and packed with personality. This recent blog about NASA’s upside down logo really made us chuckle.2. Chris Spooner

Straddling the divide between the polished professional sites like Smashing Magazine and more personal offerings from individual web designers, Chris Spooner‘s awesome blog is jam-packed with really helpful, really interesting and beautifully designed (as you’d expect!) content. From free linocut brushes for Photoshop, to inspiring floral typography designs, there really is something
here to pique every design-minded individual’s interest.3. Brad Frost

A refreshingly irreverent take on web design (and its place in the world) can be found on multi-talented web designer Brad Frost‘s blog. If you’re sensitive to strong language, perhaps give Brad’s blog a miss, but if vyou like honest discussions on everything from the usefulness of style guides, to the “frontend” designer’s place in the world – this is the place to go.4. Paul Andrew of Speckyboy

Speckyboy design magazine has taken off substantially since web designer Paul Andrew set it up as his homepage. Today Paul’s creation is a very widely read web design blog, full of input from many different voices in the web design community. Over months and years Paul’s original vision evolved and became an excellent web design resource featuring freebies, tutorials and plenty more besides.5. Janna Lynn Hagan

If you’re new to web design or freelancing, Janna Lynn Hagan‘s blog is well worth a peek, featuring lots of articles about getting up and running as a freelance web designer, from nurturing leads to whether designers should go to college. Great for an individual perspective on the freelance lifestyle for web designers.Make the valuable visible. REQUEST A DEMO today to learn how to showcase amazing content which presents your brand at its best.