Our Digital Agency Blogger Roundup

Here’s our roundup of some of the best digital agency bloggers to keep you up to date with all things web design, web development, social media and SEO.
Producing a highly relevant and informative blog packed full of original insights, industry news and how-to guides is a case of practicing what you preach for the UK’s digital agencies. With that in mind, this sector should be home to some of the best blogs on the web. And, as you’ll see for yourself, these digital agencies don?t disappoint.So, please join us as we take a look at 5 of the best digital agency bloggers that should call your bookmarks bar home.
1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is an absolutely humungous resource that has articles on pretty much every aspect of digital marketing you could ever wish to cover. Think we’re exaggerating – please take a look for yourself. The beauty of the Moz blog is that it refuses to do things by halves. If a topic warrants a full 10,000 word guide, then that’s exactly what it will get. There’s also a regular Whiteboard Friday feature that runs, perhaps not surprisingly, every Friday. This is SEO God Rand Fishkin’s chance to take you on a step-by-step journey through all things SEO.

2. Distilled

The SEO Blog from Distilled is another veritable treasure trove of extensively researched, well-written, informative articles that hit every possible digital nail bang on the head. The depth of the posts is incredible, with plenty of easy-to-follow tips webmasters can take away and implement themselves. The quality of Distilled’s content is consistently high, and unlike some SEO blogs that shall remain nameless, it doesn’t simply regurgitate the same articles again and again.

3. Jellyfish

The guys and girls at Jellyfish have certainly been busy on their blog, creating a relevant stream of multimedia content and often favouring video rather than text to get their message across. The top brass behind Jellyfish have been working in the digital landscape since 1999, and it’s pretty clear the team know their stuff. Visit the Jellyfish blog to learn more about social media, SEO, PPC, analytics, creative, display marketing and more.

4. Koozai

You have to be careful of any website that describes itself as award winning, because you never know exactly what award it has won; but, in this case, Koozai’s claims of being an award winning digital marketing blog are totally legit. This is an excellent blog that’s regularly updated, well presented and full of informative, painstakingly researched blogs. We’re not sure it hits quite the same highs as The Moz Blog and Distilled, but it’s certainly one of the go-to industry resources.

5. We Love Digital

Although it’s not updated quite as regularly as the other blogs in this list, this top blog from Kent based agency We Love Digital takes a slightly wider view of the digital world, looking more at marketing as a whole. There?s plenty of personality and humour in the writing, which is always refreshing to see, and an incredibly diverse subject matter, from their favourite tweets from 10 years of Twitter, to tips on how not to take customer feedback. Make the valuable visible. REQUEST A DEMO today to learn how to showcase amazing content which presents your brand at its best.