NEW Template. Display for Live Events


So we’ve just released our new Display mode template ‘Sliding Blocks’ and if we do say-so ourselves, it’s a lovely thing to behold!


For those who don’t know, Display mode is the way you use Miappi to showcase your best social media content and user generated #hashtag at live events, on store screens and on Digital Out of Home screens (DOOH).

With Miappi Online you can embed your social wall on any website.  Users can then interact with that content on whatever device they happen to be using.  But at a live event you want to showcase your best content to the entire audience, none of whom have direct control over the social wall they’re seeing. When there’s no individual audience interaction with the content, Display Mode is exactly what you need to use.

With Display Sliding Blocks your social media posts are arranged in an animating mosaic on the screen. The posts pop, slide and fade in and out of place to give a beautifully animated, eye catching effect. Each post in turn features in a larger pop-up so each piece of content can be highlighted more clearly over the course of the event. Within these pop-ups videos can be set to show just static frames or they can be set to autoplay for different durations.

Before any of the content goes live on your screens you can use the Miappi dashboard to apply either manual moderation or auto-moderation controls. Moderation may not seem relevant if you are only showing your own social media posts but if you’re planning on including #hashtag content then moderation might be right at the top of your ‘must have’ list!

However you choose to moderate, curate and design your content you can be sure that Miappi will amplify your social media voice and turn your aggregated social media content into an art form for your next event.

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