Miappi WordPress Social Media Plugin Review

“Put simply Miappi is a social media master piece. Miappi unifies your social media content (official and user generated) to give your audience a single, beautiful view of the social media that’s relevant to you. Display that content on websites, apps and digital OOH screens. You can see our Miappi on our home page.

Although we have it on this website, I personally think this a plugin for bloggers of fashion, sports, shopping and the likes. I can personally see what huge benefits this WordPress plugin would have for say like a fashion blogger, OR something similar. I’ts awesome!

Enough of the hype stuff and let me share with you some behind the scenes look at the Miappi plugin. It’s available from the WordPress repository (links are provided at the bottom), but this requires you have an account on the Miappi website which is where all the magic happens. Within your WP site there isn’t much to do really you just drag the Miappi widget in to a widget area (screenshot below) and it will display whatever you have set-up within the main Miappi account, this can be all your social media profiles feeds and/OR third part feeds.”

You can read the full article about the Miappi WordPress social media plugin on the WP-SuperPlugins website.

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