Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Followers


Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Followers

As well as a means for making your photos look like your camera was broken when you took them, and a popular way to show everyone your lunch, Instagram is an extremely valuable marketing tool. With 400 million monthly active users, it’s no surprise that brands are working hard to grow their audience. Instagram is one of the biggest social networks, and is by far the most popular photo sharing platform.

According to research by Forrester, Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for big brands is 58 times higher than Facebook, and 120 times higher than Twitter. These are just a few reasons why brands are so keen to build their followers on Instagram.

You can’t expect to get hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers overnight, but there are a few simple rules to follow that will help boost your numbers. Here’s some top tips for increasing your Instagram followers.

Use relevant hashtags

One of the best ways to attract potential followers is to use relevant hashtags. People who are searching for these hashtags are then more likely to come across your photos.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the most popular subjects, and occasionally using trending hashtags. Tagging other brands is also a good idea, because if they see your post and mention you to their audience, you might get more followers.

Like and comment

If you want to build your following, you will have to put in some ground work. Regularly like and comment on photos in your niche. Relevant people will then see your comments and might be tempted to check out your feed. Make the effort to interact with your followers and network with other people, Instagram is a ‘social network’ after all.

High quality photos

People aren’t going to follow your account if you post poor quality photos. You may not need to use an expensive DSLR, a decent smartphone will do, but you do need to put some time and effort into your photos. Take pictures in good lighting and consider using an editing app.  You may also need to take quite a few photos before you get the perfect one.

Location, location, location

Try, where possible, to tag yourself when you are in different locations. A lot of people search by location on Instagram, and will be interested to see your location based photos.

Stick to a niche & be unique

Avoid posting a wide variety of photos with no real purpose. Pick your niche, and stick to it. The most successful Instagram accounts are usually nailing their niche, rather than posting a broad range of unrelated images. With millions of other users to compete with, it’s extremely important to focus on something specific, and to be unique.

Post at the right times

As with any social media site, you will get more followers and interaction if you post at the right times. For example, according to research, the best time to post on Instagram is 5pm, and the best day is Wednesday. However, it’s important to find out when your specific audience is most active, as the best time to post depends on the type of users you are trying to attract.

Post consistently

If you don’t post on a regular basis, your followers will begin to unfollow your account. In order to attract more Instagram followers, you need to post consistently. Make sure you don’t go overboard and post too often, as this can irritate users.

Create your own hashtag

Creating your own hashtag can increase your audience. Think of a hashtag that is relevant to your business, and use it on a regular basis. People who are interested in your brand will hopefully then start to follow your hashtag, and use it in some of their posts.

Be selective with filters

Surprisingly, the most popular filter is #nofilter. Some filters can result in high engagement. The most popular filter worldwide is Clarendon. Click here for worldwide filter stats.


Occasionally offering simple giveaways can give your account an instant boost. However, it’s important not to do this too often or you will look desperate and devalue your account.

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