Helping Cancer Research UK raise £2 million for World Cancer Day

Charitable and non-profit organisations have long understood the importance of having a well-established charity social media presence and the potential benefits thereof. Sure, social media can help an organisation to easily (and cheaply) share its message at massive scale but in a charitable context the medium is it at its most valuable when social strategies shift their focus from ‘broadcasting’ to promoting dialogue and participation. Engaged audiences are not only more responsive to fundraising campaigns, they’re also more likely to participate candidly in conversations about the issues at hand, drive cause awareness and eventually inspire action that leads to change.

At Miappi, we’re always keen to collaborate with non-profits because of the feel-good factor you get when working to promote a good cause as well as with the irrefutable karmic value of doing so. Naturally then, we were very excited when Cancer Research UK came to us at the back end of 2015 to discuss an idea they had for a Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising campaign.

Working alongside CRUK and their World Cancer Day partners (Anthony Nolan Trust, Breast Cancer Care and Movember) we were tasked with using social media and DOOH screens to show the public how the nation was uniting in the fight to beat cancer. The scale of the campaign, the importance of the message and the massive scope of the project were immediately clear to us.

With a few months to go until World Cancer Day on the 4th February our plans for delivery took shape. The concept was simple enough, CRUK would use Miappi to collect social content around #ADayToUnite, then via our Dashboard curate a selection of the very best content from supporters which would then be broadcast via Miappi Display to a network of DOOH screens belonging to Out-Of-Home specialists Exterion Media and blowUP Media. So as to give a the team a sense of the nation’s passion of supporting World Cancer, #ADayToUnite content would also be shown on digital screens within CRUK’s headquarters in Angel.

Whilst we’d previously delivered on smaller DOOH projects we’d never worked on a brief that was part of such a hugely visible campaign. With that in mind, we were blindingly aware that the success of this delivery relied upon working closely with our DOOH partners, CRUK and their media agency, MediaCom.

After hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls, a handful of late nights and a Miappi training session with the CRUK Social Media Team we were good to go for World Cancer Day. As support for the campaign flooded in, thousands of #ADayToUnite posts were collected by Miappi with the very best being shown on hundreds of DOOH screens. The CRUK social team took control, using the Miappi Dashboard to select what content was appearing on screens around the country. With our work done, the Miappi team scrambled across London spotting our platform on display in National Rail and London Underground stations. However, the main show was over in Wales where Miappi Display was being run on blowUP Media’s Cardiff Super Motion screen in the city centre.

World Cancer Day helped raised close to £2 Million in donations for CRUK and their partners as the British public stood up and showed its support for the campaign, whilst Miappi collected close to 100,000 posts from #ADayToUnite. Whilst we were happy to have delivered on the original brief it was an immensely proud moment for Miappi to work closely alongside CRUK, one of the nation’s most notable charities, and their partners move a step closer to beating cancer.

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