Miappi Helps Doug O’Neill Racing Become a Social Media Thoroughbred

Photo courtesy of Holly M. Smith Photography
Doug O’Neill Racing, the training stable behind famous American thoroughbred and Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist, worked with Miappi to share its social content surrounding the stallion during the his 2016 3-year-old campaign.As this phenomenal horse enters retirement (check out the Doug O’Neill social wall for the latest news) we were thrilled to receive some brilliant feedback from the brand which reflected on their use of our social media aggregator over the course of their incredible horse’s career.The stable’s digital consultant and web designer Davis Innovation LLC  incorporated the Miappi wall on behalf of Doug O’Neill Racing for just under a year, switching to our social walls which they described as “feature rich” after a competitor implemented price hikes. “The most important issue that prompted the customer to look for alternatives was the increased pricing the at that time social media aggregation vendor implemented, whereas Miappi’s had been consistently stable and more compelling than the competitor’s.”Doug O’Neill has been expertly harnessing social media, and the opportunities our walls present, to increase brand engagement, particularly relating to their champion stallion, Nyquist. Currently, the brand “uses Miappi on the website and collects social content from Facebook and hashtag content relating to #nyquist. The wall saw great traffic especially during and right after the days Nyquist raced , helping Doug O’Neill Racing meet their digital and social targets.

‘Time spent on site increases by 90%

Displaying an array of both brand-owned content and UGC (user generated content) from the stable’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, Miappi’s social wall has helped the brand to continue to develop its digital presence nationwide.According to Davis Innovation founder Gwen Davis (who uses Miappi for other clients as well), “Miappi raises the profile of the brand.  It demonstrates that it’s up to date on the latest ways to engage followers, it spurs user-driven content and ultimately connects the users more personally to our equine ‘celebrities!’”

28% rise in brand engagement when users are exposed to both earned and owned content’

Overall, their digital team claim to have enjoyed the following benefits from their use of Miappi:

  • Boosted brand engagement
  • Competitive gains
  • Simplified social processes & strategies
  • Improved social media and content performance

‘UGC impacts the trust of 72% of new customers’

The Miappi team is thrilled that Davis and O’Neill have seen so many benefits from our smart social walls and we’re proud to have been involved in the career of such an illustrious racehorse as Nyquist! We can’t wait to see what their next thoroughbred will accomplish. Would you like to learn more about harnessing social media aggregation for your brand?REQUEST A DEMO now  and see how our platform can curate all of your social content on your website or on live screens in seconds.