SharpSpring & Miappi: Making social content even more measurable.

We’re very excited to announce that Miappi has partnered with SharpSpring . We’ve hooked up with the marketing automation experts to take inbound marketing traffic to a new level via social media and the web.

SharpSpring is at the forefront of inbound strategies that help users attract, nurture and convert customers via the web. A core part of the traffic SharpSpring drives for its users comes from social media channels. Introducing SharpSpring

Offering an extensive suite of marketing automation tools and services, SharpSpring is your go-to toolkit when you’re ready to start building more sophisticated digital campaigns that don’t absorb all of your time and budget.

SharpSpring makes smart digital marketing easier, helping you boost engagement and conversions and constantly improve your campaigns through analytics and insights.

Here are just a few of the key tools available in SharpSpring:

  • Behavioural-Based Email Automation
    Don’t leave email marketing to chance. Send the right email at the right moment with behaviour-based email automation, which responds to your visitors’ actions with highly targeted, relevant content.
  • Dynamic Forms
    Easily build and customize forms with SharpSpring’s drag-and-drop editor. Make completing forms on-site a breeze for customers with helpful features like autocomplete – to enhance the user experience and boost conversions.
  • VisitorID, Lead Scoring & CRM
    Identify the most promising leads each day and use helpful CRM tools to nurture them through to a conversion. Lead scoring helps you target leads at the perfect point in the buying cycle, while visitorID lets you identify tons of leads you didn’t know about before.
  • Landing Page Optimisation
    Want to create killer landing pages that trigger maximum click-throughs and conversions? With SharpSpring’s landing page designer, you don’t need web developers and designers to do this anymore. The intuitive WYSIWYG editor allows you to “point and click” your way to perfect landing pages.
  • Smart Measurement Tools
    Answer critical questions with end-to-end reporting. Is a specific type of social post driving a lot of conversions? Are you wasting marketing spend on blog posts when you should be focussed on personalising your landing pages? Identify what works and what doesn’t, and hone your approach to maximise ROI.
SharpSpring & Miappi: A Match Made in Digital Marketing Heaven

So how does SharpSpring work in conjunction with your Miappi? It’s simple – Miappi incorporates dynamic social content into your SharpSpring campaigns. That’s a big deal because adding ‘social proof’ to your emails increases user engagement…in fact, UGC has been shown to drive a 73% increase in email click-through rates.Here’s how to create a Miappi Insert:

When logged-in to the Miappi dashboard click Inserts in the left hand menu. Create a new Insert and configure it how you want. Grab the dynamic image URL for that Insert and add it to your SharpSpring email campaign. Whenever your reader opens the email there will be fresh, up-to-date social media to back up your marketing message. Find out more about inserts by clicking here.

Watch out for more tips on how Miappi and SharpSpring are working together to empower your inbound marketing!Coming Soon: A joint offer 20% Off Miappi for existing SharpSpring customers and any Miappi customer can get $500 off a SharpSpring account.

If you’d like to learn more about SharpSpring or see the marketing automation platform in action, head over to the SharpSpring website and book a demo today.

Want to learn more about how Miappi and SharpSpring work together? If you’re not a Miappi customer, REQUEST A DEMO today to take a peek under the hood of our social media aggregator.